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Suzanne Q. Egan (aka Egan-Dole)

Graphics Background

I have many years of experience in print production that includes - managing a production department, designing, illustration, taking a job from concept to completion - doing all phases of the project myself. I have worked in publishing companies, an advertising agency, and as an independent freelance designer.

My background includes traditional production skills as well as experience with a variety of software programs and digital prepress. I have prepared a large variety of projects for prepress and gone on press checks (sheet fed and web).

Most experience involves newspaper and magazine advertising, design and production of ads, management / scheduling / deadlines, ad sales, customer service and maintaining a sales database for those accounts.

In addition to the jobs related to graphics/advertising/publishing, I taught art in an elementary school for kindergarten through eighth graders, assisted the instructor at a school for electronic arts, managed a small women’s clothing store, and worked as a vocational evaluator in a facility for people with multiple disabilities. 


January 2004 to Present

Freelance: Artist (painter), and Design/Production for
print - independent contractor


November 2000 to January 2004

Job Title: Managing Editor, Designer, Illustrator, Production Mgr., Ad sales

Company: On The Line Magazine - for the California Payphone Association

Job Description: I handled all aspects of producing their bi-monthly magazine - Advertising, editor, design, illustrations, production, ad sales, customer service, production management - I was a one person department on a freelance contractor basis - start to finish. Also asisted with their annual trade shows, signage, flyers, conference info, and took photos for the magazine - a popular follow-up for their members. The magazine had been produced in Pagemaker before I took over with many prepress problems. I re-designed the magazine, cut production time and costs in half and took the magazine from concept to press. I did production, and the pre-flight preparation for prepress and cut costs by going from disk to plate. I scheduled prepress, printing and delivery with the mailing house, sent out magzines and marketing materials to advertisers, created new media kit materials and reviewed press releases for content in the magazine.

Software Used: Mac platform - primarily QuarkXpress, Photoshop, Illustrator


July/August/October 2000

Job Title: Teaching Assistant

Company: Center for Electronic Arts

Job Description: Assisted the Dean of Students with the Desktop Publishing Intensive course. Assisted with design and production of the Fall and Winter Course Catalogs.

Software Used: Mac platform - QuarkXpress, Photoshop, Illustrator, ATM Deluxe for font mgmt.


August 1992 to April 2000

Job Title: Managing Editor, Production Mgr., Creative Dir., Sales Mgr, Designer

Company: Guide Publishing Group

Job Description: Produced a bi-weekly local magazine that was primarily advertising residential rental properties. I managed all aspects of production (color and B/W) including scheduling, proofing, mapping out magazine, ad design and production, photo retouching, preparing files for pre-press, and coordinating production with printer. I also sold advertising, provided customer service for display advertisers, maintained sales database, and prepared billing sheets for accounting dept. prior to invoicing advertisers bi-weekly. In addition, I created sales materials such as color media kit, flyers, etc., assisted with website copy changes, backed up ad files, and interviewed and trained production staff.

Software Used: Mac platform - QuarkXpress, Photoshop, Illustrator, Filemaker, Suitcase for font mgmt., for the web changes- basic HTML, Pagemill, Netscape, Anarchie, and Toast for CD backup


October 1988 to June 1991

Job Title: Production Manager

Company: Continental Publishing

Job Description: This was a start up publishing company. My responsibilities included organizing the production dept., interviewing and hiring graphic designers, and managing all phases of production for 25 travel guides - all 4 color process publications with national, quarterly circulation. The company was a small corporation with a guaranteed contract for distribution of travel guides to a premium audience. Like most magazines, the company was supported by advertising revenue and venture capital financing. Production of editorial, many ads, sales collateral, and a variety of 4 color maps were created in-house. Photo resources were organized by production dept. for all regions covered by editorial.

Software Used: Mac platform - Pagemaker, Photoshop, Illustrator, Microsoft Word, Suitcase.


January 1984 to October 1988

Job Title: Production Manager

Company: Advertising Agency - Jamison Cawdrey Benjamin

Job Description: Managed all phases of production for print in this retail based advertising agency- from rough layouts to pre-press (before computers being used - specified copy for type setting, marked up boards for stripping, printing, outdoor signage etc.). There was a broad range of projects including ROP ads, inserts, catalogs, brochures, direct-mail, corporate identity, posters, billboards, duratrans, transit advertising, annual reports, etc. In the first year I also handled space reservations for advertising and ad trafficking for nation-wide newspapers and magazines.





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